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Recovery Care Products


Recovery Care Products is a high-end line of surgical recovery products born from the owner’s personal passion to offer people the recovery plan she wished she had after surgery. They wanted branding that felt luxe, like a gift that patients would gift themselves—or be given—while still communicating the real-world benefit of lessening painful recovery time.


The triquetra design speaks to the three facets of the healing journey: the power of mind, body and spirit. By bringing this triquetra into all areas of design—from the logo, packaging pattern and even packaging shape—their message is cohesive. Luxe elements like ribboned boxes and metallic papers reinforce the gifting mood across all collateral. We also took this message into social, by developing a 360 degree strategy to meet all messaging needs.

We are a start-up company and so we needed someone we could really trust with the money we had worked so hard to raise to make our dream happen. Karen knocked my project out of the park! I couldn’t be happier with the finished products, customers and vendors who are constantly giving us positive feedback on our packaging. Now I turn to her to create and design all RCP marketing collateral and social media posts for our company and I am so grateful for her work and guidance. Karen’s endless creativity has given our brand life and direction.

Shannon Wamser

Owner, RCP