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Bald Man Barbecue


The barbecue market is crowded, and Bald Man Barbecue was a new product who needed to stand out. The company’s founder is known for his bold flavors and oversized personality.


With the owner being at the forefront of the brand—we decided to amp up the logo to accentuate the fun spirit of the brand. Packaging speaks to the southern aspect of the brand with a riff on the plastic tablecloth commonly used at picnics throughout history. Fun, quippy language reinforces the brand personality on everything from packaging to social media.

Karen has been an amazing partner for our start-up small business, Bald Man BBQ. From the creative concept of our branding to the execution of our strategy including distribution, marketing, and social media engagement, she has provided exceptional solutions for us. Most importantly, she has over-delivered on her support for us post-launch and has become an integral part of our team.


Job Title, Bald Man Barbecue